Create drumless tracks

Mutedrums is an app for drummers that will help you in your drum training & drum lessons. With this app, you can remove drums from any song on your phone or Youtube. Our app creates a track without the drums so you can play a long to the song and learn drumming effectively. You can als listen to only the drums, to know exactly what is played.

Mutedrums is a musician’s friend whenever you want to practice drums or to experiment with new drum beats for any song.

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Create drumless songs with the mutedrums app

🥁 Free

- Mutedrums is a free app

- You can buy credits within the app

- You get 2 credits for free

🎚 Controls

- You control the playback speed

- Adjust the volume of the song or drums

💾 Export tracks

- You can export songs using the export function

- Export individual tracks or a mix